Write a java program that implements a grading system for your class. Your program should
exhibit the following features:
1. Read the grades from a file (The inputs file is attached to this document).
2. The grading file will contains the following:
a. Student ID.
b. Student first name and last name.
c. Three exam grades:
i. First Exam out of 20.
ii. Second exam out of 20.
iii. Final Exam out of 40.
d. Five grades for quizzes, each out of 5
e. Five grades for assignments, each out of 5.
3. You need to create a class that have proper variables for the data listed in the file and
you need some
SetMethods that should be able to do the following tasks:
a. Calculate the average of the five quizzes and store that value for later usage
for each student (transfer it out of 10).
b. Calculate the average of the five assignments and store the value for later
usage for each student in the class (transfer it out of 10).
c. Calculate the total grade out of 60. This should add first exam, second exam,
average of quizzes, and average of assignments.
d. Calculate the total grade out of 100. This should add the part from (c) plus
the final exam.
e. Find the output letter grading for the class according to the following scaling
90-100. B 80-89.
70-79. D 60-69.
50-59. F below 50.
4. The program should provide the minimum, maximum, and average of each exam,
quizzes, assignment, grades out of 60 and total out of 100.
5. The output should be in an output file as follows: Student ID, first and last names,
first exam, second exam, quiz total, HW total, total out of 60, final exam, total out of
100 and the letter grading. Then at the end of each column of data you print the max,

min, and avg as requested in (4).