3D fracture
FEM in porous media (rock)
Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials; Atomistic continuum coupling; Multiscale modelling; Composites; Computational micromechanics; Computational materials science; Strength;

I am looking to fill a few project positions in the next couple of months on the following topics in Fracture Mechanics at the Department of Applied Mechanics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi:
Required skills for all positions are excellent fundamentals in solid mechanics and good technical writing skills. Desirable skills are bracketed.
P-1. Molecular dynamics simulation of fracture in amorphous solids (Programming and LAMMPS)
P-2. XFEM simulation of fracture in brittle solids (Programming and FEM)
P-3. Experiments of fracture in brittle solids/rocks (Sample preparation, industrial experience and characterization)
P-4. Experiments of fracture in lattice composites (Fabrication and characterization)
The duration for each position will be for an year and may be extended. If interested, please send the following (as a single PDF file) to before 31 August 2018:
*(a) A one-page essay justifying your suitability for one of the above projects. A separate essay is required for each position you are interested in, and
*(b) CV, and
*(c) Degrees of Bachelors/Masters in any suitable area (civil, mining, aerospace, mechanical, etc.) of engineering, and
*(d) Transcripts of the above degrees.
In case the candidate wishes to register into the PhD programme after joining the project – they will apply according to the procedures of the department/institute (information available elsewhere).
Gaurav Singh
Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi