Wafer-recyclable, Environment-friendly Transfer Printing for Large-scale Thin-film Nanoelectronics -*Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2018
Transfer printing of thin-film nanoelectronics from their fabrication*wafer commonly requires chemical etching on the sacrifice of wafer*but is also limited by defects with a low yield. Here, we introduce*a wafer-recyclable, environment-friendly transfer printing process*that enables the wafer-scale separation of high-performance thinfilm*nanoelectronics from their fabrication wafer in a defect-free*manner that enables multiple reuses of the wafer. The interfacial*delamination is enabled through a controllable cracking phenomenon*in a water environment at room temperature. The physically*liberated thin-film nanoelectronics can be then pasted onto arbitrary*places of interest, thereby endowing the particular surface with*desirable add-on electronic features. Systematic experimental, theoretical,*and computational studies reveal the underlying mechanics*mechanism and guide manufacturability for the transfer printing*process in terms of scalability, controllability, and reproducibility.