Graduation Project Support Diploma in AMIT Learning

Many of you search everyday – especially during the last year before graduation- What idea of the graduation project they are going to make and what is the entity that will assist them and provide the knowledge needed to make that project "It is no more a problem".

In AMIT Learning we provide the Embedded System Diploma dedicated for Graduation project knowledge needed that teaches you all the subject and skills you need to make a project in the embedded system field.

It's no more about course, since every instructor who will conduct these courses has a professional experience not more than two years of the field concerned; they will not teach you the theoretical boring aspects you used to take in the faculty, but instead they will focus on the practical knowledge you need to make a successful graduation project.


AMIT is proud to offer you the real hardware training that you can use in your graduation project with fully equipped embedded system lab where you can practice for your graduation project step by another through the courses conducted. By the end of the Graduation Project Diploma there shouldn't be any dummy topics you are going to use in the graduation project rather than the practical experience.

As a summary for what we mean is that Graduation Project obstacles are no more exist.

What is Embedded Systems?
It has more than one definition, it could be the system that services another big one providing some functionality, or it might be the system that is specialized in providing a specific task. For example, The Fire alarm, the navigation controller in cars -Auto Driver-, and mobile phones.

It's worthy to be known that the Embedded Systems main unit is the Microcontroller. So, what is the microcontroller? A microcontroller consists of many peripherals such as:
1. Microprocessor: That is responsible for fetching the instructions from the memory, decode the instruction to understand exactly what it does, and finally execute that instruction. So it's simply the unit that is responsible for perform what you have programmed.
2. Memory: That is the unit responsible for holding the instructions -program- that you have written in order to be available for the microprocessor to be executed.
3. Input and Output Ports: That are the main gates for the microcontroller that presents the input gate for any data the microprocessor needs to receive, and the output gate for any data that the microcontroller needs to send.
4. …etc

So, to start your way in being an Embedded Software Engineer, first you have to understand the architecture of the microcontroller that you are dealing with in terms of its speed, memory size, and number of Input and output ports …etc. Secondly, you need to understand the language you are going to program the microcontroller with which is C programming language as it's the most common one.

In AMIT Learning we provide that solution, Professional instructors, experienced instructors, working in the field for a minimum of three years, and having a previous experience in lecturing in a well known organizations like the ITI “Information Technology Institute” Instructors. Here were you can get taught professionally. In addition to the idea of the professional staff, you are nominated to work on the real targets that many companies are working to, like Motorolla S12, Power PC, Fujitsu, and ARM. You are not going to work on the same boring extinct targets like Atmel 8051 that we used to learn when we were students.
Being a student at AMIT learning manages you to be a qualified candidate for any multinational company to work for it, or even to gain the knowledge that is required to start your own business in the field.
So, What subject should you learn to be an Embedded Software Engineer, or in other words, what should you learn?
After a long discussion with a two Embedded Software Engineers, a Senior Software Engineer and a Team Leader of a well-known multinational Company, we reach to the following results:
• C Programming Language
• Embedded Systems Fundamentals
• Embedded C Programming,
• Interfacing
• Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS)
Graduation Project Embedded Systems Diploma (84 hrs)

The order of these courses suits the students the best and have to be taught in that sequence. This is
the graduation project Embedded Software Diploma in AMIT Learning.

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